Survival Tips for the Independent IT Consultant [Ignite 2019]

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I’m really excited for an upcoming unconference session at Microsoft Ignite I’ll be facilitating with 2 of my colleagues: Luise Freese and Loryan Strant.

The idea for this session was borne from a frustrated Tweet I made one day where I admitted struggling with life as an independent IT consultant. Based on the overwhelming response to that tweet, I wasn’t alone. Although being your own boss has many perks, it can be challenging at times. An unconference session is perfect for this topic since it provides an opportunity for both independent IT consultants as well as those thinking about becoming one to talk about what works, what doesn’t, and how to thrive, not just survive.

To crowd source ideas for the session, I posted a Microsoft Forms survey on Twitter. I received 114 responses:

  • 61 independent IT consultants
  • 53 wanting to be one and find out more

The responses were pulled into a Power BI dashboard (image). We’ll use these results to get the conversation going, however we’ll welcome other ideas with whomever shows up to join in on the discussion.

Session details are now on the Ignite schedule under UNC1016. Pre-registration is required.

UnConference Results Report

Hope to see you there!


Credit:Image by tookapic from Pixabay


    1. Hi Steve, unfortunately none of the unconference sessions will be streamed. I will try and write a post about the findings after the event and share that publicly.

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