Playin’ With the Band (2 that is)

Like many of you I watched the Microsoft Windows 10 device announcements on October 6th. I was caught up in the buying frenzy that ensued and decided to order the updated version of the Microsoft Band (version 2). I received the Band 2 yesterday. This post is to summarize my initial reaction to the new device. Continue reading “Playin’ With the Band (2 that is)”


My Top 5 SharePoint Admin Tasks


I work on a small but mighty team of 2.  We support 3 production SharePoint on-prem farms and numerous other non-production farms to support them.  It wasn’t always like this – in fact we started out with 1 farm, but our simple environment soon morphed into more due to project work, migration projects, and timing of corporate initiatives.

My role is to install/configure/maintain the SharePoint infrastructure, do some development work, help design/build solutions for our end-users and tier 3 support.  My team member’s role is to design/build solutions for our end-users, assist staff with training needs, and tier 2 support.  In addition to this we both do a million other miscellaneous tasks that come when you have a SharePoint environment.  If you work on a small team with SharePoint you know exactly what I’m talking about. Continue reading “My Top 5 SharePoint Admin Tasks”

My First SharePoint Speaking Event!

I was thrilled to be asked to speak at one of the Saskatchewan SharePoint User Group October 2015 meetings.

This was my very first public speaking engagement.  I’ve attended a lot of conferences, workshops, in-person and virtual training events since starting in SharePoint 8 years ago, but now it was my turn to step up and share my knowledge and experience in the industry. SharePoint is all about community for me and what better way to participate than to share with others? Continue reading “My First SharePoint Speaking Event!”