About NexNovus

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NexNovus. An Office 365 and SharePoint consulting company.


Our focus is primarily on Information Architecture, Information Management, Data Governance and Search in SharePoint Online and on-premises. In order to take advantage of some of these capabilities in SharePoint, it requires planning and configuration. We’ve done it before and we can help you with yours.

Office 365

Office 365 includes a lot of services. Have you brought Office 365 into your organization and are now wondering how you can leverage the services in order to realize the full value of your investment? Do you need help adopting Office 365 across your organization?

We get it. It’s not as easy as it looks and we’re here to help.

Contact Joanne:

Joanne is the founder of NexNovus Consulting.

Reach out to her at joannecklein@nexnovus.com to discuss any of your consulting needs. She’d love to help you out!