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I’m Joanne Klein, founder of NexNovus, a Microsoft 365 Consulting company, and a 6-time Microsoft MVP in M365 Apps & Services. What this really means is I spend my time working with customers on key strategic areas inside Microsoft 365 and sharing my knowledge with the larger technical community.

I have the privilege of helping organizations navigate their digitalization journey, implementing innovative technologies and strategies to achieve their business objectives using Microsoft technologies. Some of the areas I focus on with customers to help them on their journey is SharePoint site and information architecture and Microsoft Syntex.

Collaboration must always be balanced with compliance so I also focus on the Microsoft Purview features built to help organizations protect, retain, and dispose of their unstructured content now being produced at an exponential rate. This is an important shift for organizations and information workers to make in the modern workplace. I have substantial practical experience in Microsoft 365 helping customers make this shift.  

Please check out my starting guide (NexNovus starting guide for Compliance with Microsoft Purview) where I share some of my lessons learned while working with customers in Microsoft Purview.

I write about these areas and more on this blog.

When I’m not sitting in front of my computer, I rejuvenate with road trips in my sporty car, hiking, and any sport with a paddle. And of course, a great latte.

Welcome to my blog.



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