SharePoint and Search Talk

skspugI’m excited to be presenting at the September meeting for the Saskatchewan SharePoint and O365 User Group in Regina.

This is a no-code talk on how to design a search-driven website in SharePoint using cross-site publishing and author-in-place techniques. In this session you will learn the value-add of this design architecture and how it improves not only the experience for content authors but also provides dynamic, contextual pages for content consumers, all done by leveraging SharePoint search and managed metadata as the underlying mechanism. I’ll walk thru an end-to-end example of designing, authoring and publishing content as well as customizing search webparts to demonstrate how you can use these techniques to keep your site dynamic, contextual and personalized.

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SPO Content Type Hub


A useful Information Architecture feature in SharePoint is the Content Type Hub. This is a special site collection with the Content Type Syndication Hub site collection feature activated.  The feature allows for the definition of site columns and content types in a central “hub” to be syndicated to any subscribing site collection. This allows the same site columns and content types to be used across an entire tenant.

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