ECM Tech Tips from a SharePoint Admin

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is not a technology, but the processes and methodology that technology uses to create an effective way to store, secure and consume content.
This post is taken from my experiences as the SharePoint Technical lead on a document/record management ECM search-based solution built using on-premises SharePoint as the technology. Over 1 million documents were initially migrated into this SharePoint solution using a defined Information Architecture over a span of 4 days and has since grown to over 2 million documents over the past 3 years. This is not nearly enough to fall into Microsoft’s “large” records management definition, but enough for me to have learned a thing or two about what works well and what are some potential pain points.

In this post, I will highlight 3 of these points from a SharePoint Admin perspective based on my experience over the past few years. Although this particular solution was built on SharePoint 2010, I believe they still apply to SharePoint 2013 and 2016. Continue reading “ECM Tech Tips from a SharePoint Admin”