Information Management in an O365 Collab World Presentation 

information-management-in-an-o365-collab-worldBig title… and potentially a big concern for Information Management (IM) teams.

I was recently asked to give a presentation in mid-December to a Provincial Records Management (RM) User Group (ARMA Saskatchewan) and propose a topic I felt would be relevant to them based on my SharePoint/O365 experience.

Collaboration tools with a consumer-like experience are making their way into the corporate world. This is the digital workplace. Marketed as “providing more choice”, the Microsoft O365 collaboration options available for an organization are increasing over time (Yammer, Groups, Teams) and in their wake IM/RM teams are experiencing some angst. I am currently working with a client on rolling out some beta O365 Groups to their organization. As a result I’m spending a lot of time thinking about how/if collaboration tools in general are impacting the traditional world of corporate Information and Records Management. Continue reading “Information Management in an O365 Collab World Presentation “


SharePoint Alberta 2016 Road Trip

My friend David Drever ( and I are joining forces to present a session on SharePoint search to a couple of User groups in Alberta. We live one province to the east of there so you know what that means… Road Trip!!! One of my favorite things to do. 🙂

It will be a great couple of days and we’ll have covered almost 2000km (1200miles) before the trip is over. I guess that makes us SharePoint road warriors!

The first presentation will be tonite, Wednesday Nov. 23rd at the Edmonton Microsoft User Group (@EMUGca). A quick roadtrip to Calgary tomorrow and we’ll also present at the SharePoint and O365 User group (@CalgarySPOUG)! Continue reading “SharePoint Alberta 2016 Road Trip”

An O365 Group Request App

an-o365-group-request-flow-1This is part 1 of what I anticipate will be a 3-part blog series on building an automated request process for an O365 Group. I say this because I haven’t yet built the components for parts 2 and 3 but wanted to blog this multi-step solution as it was being built. A little risky perhaps but far more interesting and real-world. 🙂

  • Part 1 – An O365 Group Request App (this post)
  • Part 2 – An O365 Group Request Flow (future)
  • Part 3 – An O365 Group Request Provisioned Site (future)

In my last blog, O365 Groups: Are you in control?, I talked about some hot zones for O365 groups from a governance perspective. One of the points I discussed was controlling how group creation was controlled in your organization.

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O365 Groups: Are you in control?

o365-groups-are-you-in-control-1If you work in O365 and have enabled the Groups feature for your tenant you are likely starting to see groups crop up and being used in “real world” scenarios. If you are a First Release user/tenant by now you will have also noticed a full SharePoint Team Site being provisioned alongside each Group. (Microsoft Announcement)

I’m an O365 Consultant/Adoption specialist which means I work alongside businesses to help roll-out and adopt new capabilities as they are being introduced across their tenants. Part of my role is to help ensure staff are aware of the new tools and equipped with the knowledge to use them effectively to get their job done. The ultimate goal? The right tools are being chosen intuitively for the day-to-day collaborative work across (and outside of) an organization.

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SharePoint Thesaurus… a great on-boarding tool! 

thesaurus-a-great-tool-for-onboarding-3Current focus on the Power of the Microsoft Graph for improved discoverability has left traditional SharePoint enterprise search capabilities a topic not many are talking about anymore.

Well I want to talk about it. 🙂

What do I mean about “traditional enterprise search”?  This… Continue reading “SharePoint Thesaurus… a great on-boarding tool! “

An on-prem gal in an O365 world

an-on-prem-gal-in-an-o365-worldI’ve been thinking about writing this post for awhile now. Its about the crossroads I found myself at in my decade-long SharePoint career.

What crossroads am I referring to? I’m an on-prem gal whose spent the last decade or so installing, configuring, and supporting SharePoint Server, designing solutions, even writing code when the need arose. I’m a mile-wide and an inch deep on many aspects of the SharePoint field. You could say I’m a SharePoint generalist.

A couple of years ago, I could see the writing on the wall that in order to stay relevant in my profession I would need to move into the cloud world in some capacity. I’m committed to the Microsoft ecosystem and am comfortable with that decision so the cloud transition for me meant O365 and Azure.

For my current skillset, I believe there were 2 paths that were suitable. Continue reading “An on-prem gal in an O365 world”

O365 Group, meet SP team site!

move-that-document-3I think Office 365 Groups are a solid addition to the collaboration options available to consumers of the O365 service. A Group includes a shared inbox, calendar, OneNote notebook, a place for files and Planner for task management. However, one thing some of my Enterprise customers have been struggling with is how to balance the need for collaboration with the need for retaining some control over the content that is placed there. Yes, it’s great to collaborate and share information, but eventually some of that information may need to be retained in a more ‘permanent’ location elsewhere. How do we do this in an automated and efficient way? The recent announcement that a SharePoint Online team site would now be included alongside each Group lays the groundwork for allowing us to do exactly that.

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