Information Management in an O365 Collab World Presentation 

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Big title… and potentially a big concern for Information Management (IM) teams.

I was recently asked to give a presentation in mid-December to a Provincial Records Management (RM) User Group (ARMA Saskatchewan) and propose a topic I felt would be relevant to them based on my SharePoint/O365 experience.

Collaboration tools with a consumer-like experience are making their way into the corporate world. This is the digital workplace. Marketed as “providing more choice”, the Microsoft O365 collaboration options available for an organization are increasing over time (Yammer, Groups, Teams) and in their wake IM/RM teams are experiencing some angst. I am currently working with a client on rolling out some beta O365 Groups to their organization. As a result I’m spending a lot of time thinking about how/if collaboration tools in general are impacting the traditional world of corporate Information and Records Management.

I suggested this as a topic to the User Group and it was exactly the kind of content they were looking for. It seems I had hit upon something many IM/RM teams are having to adjust to in today’s collaborative world.

Collaboration tools need to be:

  • fast-paced, integrated and seamless so they don’t impede work
  • adaptive to any given  business scenario
  • in some cases quick to ramp up and quick to tear down.

Some of the content living inside of these tools may include artifacts with business value and, if that is the case, will need to be retained for long-term.

How can we set the organizations we work with up for success from an Information Management perspective in today’s digital workplace?


I’ll post a link to my slides after the event.

[UPDATE: December 17, 2016]  I thoroughly enjoyed talking to ARMA about O365, collaboration and the disruption its causing in the Information Management world. It was a very well-organized event with about 25 people in attendance. Thanks to ARMA Saskatchewan for inviting me!

Here is the link to my presentation. Presentation


ARMA Saskatchewan Members are gathering




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