Just use Office Delve to find it? Not always.

just-use-delve-to-find-it-2I think Office Delve is a great service in O365. It uses the Office Graph and machine learning to intelligently discover content for an end-user. I’ve spent the last couple of months making a concerted effort to use Delve in my daily work. It’s very good at allowing me to quickly get back to recent documents I’ve worked on and discover content I never knew existed, but am interested in knowing about.

There is, however, clarification required for some users leveraging Delve. Who’s heard this comment from people around the office?

“We don’t need search anymore, we’ll just use Delve to find what we’re looking for!”

I’ve heard this numerous times and it’s just not true.

Does Intelligence-driven content discovered thru Delve replace the need for a traditional search-driven site? No. Here’s a couple of reasons why it doesn’t.

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SK SharePoint/O365 User Group Talk

shutterstock_279783758-1I had the good fortune of speaking with @DavidMDrever at the January 25th meeting for the Saskatchewan SharePoint & O365 User Group (@SKSPOUG). We presented the first part of our 2-part series on SharePoint search. The topic was all about Search Concepts and Content Quality. We even touched on Delve and why, even with it, we still need traditional search!

It’s always great to catch up with SharePoint friends and meet new ones.

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SMBs and Office 365

smbs-smes-and-o365-2I’ve had an Office 365 theory rolling around in my head for close to a year now and I feel I have enough personal evidence to be able to share it as more than a “hunch”. My theory is this – I believe there is a void in the SMB world of O365 that needs filling.

What’s the void? Adoption in the SMB space.

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Diving into Delve! An adoption strategy

diving-into-delve-3I work as an Office 365 consultant and adoption specialist for organizations deploying O365. Since this is my primary role at work, I focus a lot on adoption strategies and practical tips throughout my day.

Each organization is at a different point along their O365 deployment and adoption journey. Like most new things you learn you should start with the fundamentals and O365 is no exception. I consider the following O365 apps (services) to be foundational skills: Outlook, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, OneNote and SharePoint.

Once your users have these basic skills developed and are using them in their day-to-day work, you should eventually move on to more intermediate training in some of the other more advanced O365 apps. I put Delve squarely in this category. Continue reading “Diving into Delve! An adoption strategy”

Setting O365 Group Guidelines

setting-o365-group-guidelinesNow that Office 365 Groups and SharePoint Online Team Sites are being rolled out to Standard Release tenants by end of January 2017 (SharePoint Online Team Sites & O365 Groups Moving Beyond First Release) it’s time to get things under control.

If your organization is allowing self-service Group creation in your O365 tenant, you are well-advised to have your data governance classifications in place to provide a framework for classifying Groups at the time they are being provisioned. This post will focus on the steps required to do this.

You will need 3 things: your organization’s data governance classifications, what each of these means in layman’s terms and some Azure PowerShell prowess. 🙂 Continue reading “Setting O365 Group Guidelines”

Working in a Sea of O365 Groups


Office 365 Groups. They’re everywhere… or they soon will be if you’re about to open up the floodgates in your organization for self-service Group creation. If you want to learn more about Groups in O365 here is a link.

I’m writing this post from 2 perspectives. The first is as an end-user using Groups throughout my day to collaborate with others and get my work done. The second perspective is as an O365 Adoption Specialist.

I’m currently a member of a half dozen O365 Outlook Groups at an organization as well as a couple of pilot Microsoft Teams’ Groups (I believe these will be typical numbers in organizations with Groups deployed). I use them in real-world collaboration scenarios which means I’m adjusting to the “nuances” of working with them day-in and day-out. In doing so, I’ve discovered 2 key areas I consistently struggle with.

Curious as to what these are? Keep reading. 🙂

TLDR? Here’s my strategy for helping…

“Follow it. Favorite it. Put it on a Delve Board.” -Me

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O365 Retention Policies: 3 Rules

o365-retention-policies-rule-hierarchy-2I’ve been learning a lot about Data Governance in O365 and the investments Microsoft is making to implement true retention across all O365 services (including Groups!). If you’re interested in learning more and have a couple of hours to spare, I’ve shared links to some excellent presentations relating to this from the Ignite 2016 conference at the end of this post.

I want to share an interesting tidbit I learned that applies to retention policies for preservation and deletion in O365.  Continue reading “O365 Retention Policies: 3 Rules”