SK SharePoint/O365 User Group Talk

shutterstock_279783758-1I had the good fortune of speaking with @DavidMDrever at the January 25th meeting for the Saskatchewan SharePoint & O365 User Group (@SKSPOUG). We presented the first part of our 2-part series on SharePoint search. The topic was all about Search Concepts and Content Quality. We even touched on Delve and why, even with it, we still need traditional search!

It’s always great to catch up with SharePoint friends and meet new ones.

Title: Finding a Needle in a Haystack SharePoint Style: Search Concepts & Content Quality

Synopsis: So you have this shiny new SharePoint environment built inside your enterprise. You have added tons of content and have lots of users adding, modifying and deleting content all the time. You’ve got your system purring like a kitten and everyone loves it except for one minor detail. Your users can’t find any of the content they are looking for. Search is just not working for them. If they don’t know exactly where to find a file they need to reference or work on, they are spending their precious time looking for it. Join us in this session where we will discuss the concepts that SharePoint Search is built on, why it likely isn’t working for you and what you can do to improve your ability to find the needle in your haystack – your content.

Link to slide deck

The presentation was well attended by both in-person and virtual attendees. Lots of great interaction and discussion throughout the presentation which is always the best!

Some pics from the talk today…


Thanks to the Sask SharePoint O365 Group for having me!



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