1. Hey Joanne-

    I just wanted you to know that this post really really helped our team. We had to do a full sharepoint restore to recover missing profiles. Thanks to your post….we knew how to provent them from being deleted again. Very much appreciated!

  2. Hey Joanne
    we faced same situation as you are facing in above article, we disabled the My Site Cleanup Job and rerun incremetntal profile synch job multiple times but still userprofile table shows 16000 entries as deleted using above query
    in new connection it imported 16500 user but still it is not reflecting in user profile it is showing old enries. any idea.

  3. Absolute lifesaver, I have been struggling with this for 3 days and thought I was going insane. Was just about to raise a call with Microsoft until I read this

  4. And by the way, I agree this is a DANGEROUS BUG! I have spent, sorry wasted hours restoring VM’s from Snapshots, re-running imports, etc. I eventually had to import all the profiles and then disable all UserProfile Services (Including The Mysite timer job). Next week I will attempt your solution and update these comments

  5. Thanks Joanne, this helped us out hugely.

    After reading your post and then also the Technet article: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff681014.aspx#resetSync, we realised we had to disable the “My Site Cleanup Job”… this however was after we’d realised our profile info had suddenly disappeared. Luckily we did have everything backed up prior to this so we tried it all again with the job disabled and it worked.


    1. We did not restore the sync DB, we created the new UPS reusing the existing social and profile DB and then chose to just run the profile synchronization to populate the sync DB . I’m not sure what your asking.

  6. A huge Thank You for taking the time to post this. We were dealing with the exact same scenario and behavior and were at wits end spending countless hours trying to figure out what was happening before we stumbled across this post. I can’t believe bugs like this still exist in SharePoint 2010.

  7. Joannecklein

    I blundered over this and did exactly what you did.

    Now I have recreated the UPS, attached to existing DBs and all the user profiles have been reimported. Everything appears okay.

    But what happened to the user mysites after 14 days? Where they deleted or did they remain in place?



    1. Hi Ross,

      If you’ve disabled the MySite cleanup job and have ensured that all of the user profiles incorrectly marked for deletion have been ‘unmarked’, then you are safe to enable the MySite cleanup job. There will be no unintentional user mysites deleted after 14 days.

      Hope this helps,

      1. Hi Joanne

        Thanks for your reply.

        I have disabled the MySite cleanup job, this was done fairly quickly after the initial mistake. How do I unmark a user profile / mysite for deletion?

        The only process I have found appears to involve directly editing the database tables which is unsupported.



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