SPS Twin Cities 2017

The SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities events are always some of the highest-attended in the world.  I’ve gone twice before as an attendee and volunteer, but this time I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be attending as a speaker!

The event is fortunate to have a very special guest delivering the keynote presentation – Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for OneDrive and SharePoint, Jeff Teper. It is sure to be a fantastic event from start to finish!

In my session I’ll be talking about building a search-driven website in SharePoint. If you’re curious what I mean by that, come on by!

The event is on Saturday, May 6, 2017. Registration details are HERE.

I hope to see you there!

[Update May 8, 2017]  The event was a big success and as usual the warm Minnesota hospitality shone through from the event organizers. I had the opportunity to meet Jeff Teper which was a highlight of the day for me. There were lots of talented speakers and an impressive attendee turnout considering the beautiful weather on Saturday.

Link to my presentation: How to build a search-driven website in SharePoint

Thanks for having me Twin Cities!

Jeff Teper and I



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