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If you’ve worked in the Microsoft product stack for any length of time, you’ll no doubt know about UserVoice channels. UserVoice is the official suggestion box for Microsoft products. You can put forth your own ideas(suggestions) and/or vote on others’ ideas. The more votes an idea gets is a good indication of how important the community deems it and should result in the requisite attention from Microsoft. It’s a great way to crowd-source feature improvements in their products.

The purpose behind this post is two-fold. First, selfishly I wanted a one-stop place to find all of the UserVoice links I use on a regular basis. Yes, most of them follow the format *.uservoice.com, but not all do. Second, for any Power Users starting out using some of the fancy new tools in Office 365 (Microsoft Flow, Power Apps, Power BI, etc.) they may not know what UserVoice is and how they can use it to enter their own ideas as well as vote on others. Encourage them to join the Power Users Community, tell them about UserVoice and refer them to this post for the links so they can start contributing to our community!

UserVoice… a way to “Share your ideas and vote for future features!”

Here is a list of the UserVoice sites I use on a regular basis for Office 365:

The Power Users Community has their own feedback/idea channels:


If you have any additional UserVoice channels you think should be included in this Office 365 list, let me know and I’ll add them!


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