Speaking at Office 365 Vancouver 2018

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I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from speaking so I’m happy to report I’ll be flying to Vancouver for their Office 365 Saturday event on April 14. While there, I’m doing 2 presentations.

Joint with Charmaine Lee

Azure Information Protection: Taking a Team Approach from Planning to Adoption

AIP - Team Approach

Synopsis: There’s a lot more to implementing Azure Information Protection(AIP) than meets the eye simply because it goes far beyond the technical implementation of labels. In this practical session, we’ll walk thru some steps to help set your organization up for a successful AIP rollout.

These steps include:

  • how to plan your organization’s AIP labels
  • how to configure them for your tenant
  • how to ensure information workers in your organization have adopted their use

Each step is critical to the overall success of your AIP program and the reason why it cannot be done by the IT-Pro alone. Joanne and Charmaine team up for this session to share some practical advice and creative tips and tricks for rolling out AIP and will cover topics for the IT Pro, Information Manager, and Adoption specialist – all required resources on an AIP rollout team! You might even see an AIP bot!

Charmaine and I are partners in the Canadian MVP and MSP mentorship program.

Joint with David Drever

SharePoint Site Architecture: Flat, Deep or Somewhere in the middle?

SharePoint Site Architecture

Synopsis: Should you go deep with your SharePoint site architecture using only a few site collections and many sub sites, or should you stay flat by having a lot of site collections and very few or no sub sites within? In this “he says, she says” session, Dave and Joanne will share pros and cons of different Site Architecture options in SharePoint. Whether you’ve been in SharePoint for awhile or in the throes of a migration project, it’s never too late to re-evaluate the way you’ve planned out your sites. Like most things in technology, decisions you make today may cause re-work down the road. This session isn’t about what is right in ALL cases, but it will arm you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision on the site architecture that will work best for your environment.

This session applies to both SharePoint on-premises and Online.

Check out the event site and register here!

I’m really looking forward to this event – hope to see you there!

[Update April 15, 2018] This was my second time at this Vancouver event and it was another great success! I had a chance to meet up with some friends, both new and old! I’ve uploaded my slides to SlideShare, here they are:

Azure Information Protection: Taking a Team Approach

SharePoint Site Architecture: Flat, Deep or somewhere in the Middle?


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