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One of the modern web parts I use a lot when building pages of my own is the Quick Links web part. I always recommend this web part to end-users building pages because everyone always has a need to link to somewhere else.

Which web part am I talking about? The one highlighted below…

Modern web part
Modern page web parts

Depending on where you’re putting the links, the layout of the page you’re putting them on, and the look-and-feel of your site, you may want them to look different than standard hyperlinks. Recently, some new UI-styling capabilities were added to this web part. You may want to go back to your old links to utilize some of these cool, new looks! 🙂

To demonstrate the options, I’ll work with a standard set of Travel links using the out-of-the-box Quick Links web part from above (nothing custom here). Each item will link to some other location, either in the same site or elsewhere:

  • Travel Partners – links to a page on current site for our Travel partners
  • Travel Policy – links to a Policy document on another site
  • Travel Request form – links to a Form on current site

It’s important to know these links are not security-trimmed. For example, if an end-user doesn’t have access to the site where the Travel Policy is linked to, they will receive an Access denied message if they click the link.

If you add the links and use the default thumbnail setting, SharePoint will automatically select an icon it feels is the most appropriate for the URL as shown in the example below on My Links Page:

Default links
Default thumbnail images

However, once you add the links, you can customize the icon from hundreds of icon options to tailor each link. Below, I’ve updated the 3 links to more closely reflect what it is they’re linking to:

Custom image links
Custom link images

That’s great, but we can even take it a step further! A recent addition to this web part is the ability to customize the links even further by editing the style for the Quick Links web part as a whole (image).

Edit the web part to set the style

Several styling options are available:


Below are examples of some of the style options – these are great choices to add a bit of context around your links, match the style of your page, and really make your links pop!

With all the new changes rolling out to modern web parts these days, there are lots of ways to customize your modern pages to suit your style. Although you should use these enhancements going forward on new pages, don’t forget to circle back on some of your existing modern pages to take advantage of them there too!

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  1. This was very helpful. But it seems you can’t change the color of the different buttons. We have six links and would like to use color (with or without the same button/icon) to indicate the natural flow between the links.

    1. One way around this is to use a ‘custom image’ for your quick links and upload a solid block of color for each one. (I do this frequently and have a library of solid squares of many different colors I upload). You can use this to indicate your natural flow if you want (lighter to darker for example). Hope that helps.

    1. Hi Tharindu, yes you can use any external link. Select “Copy a link” when entering the url for the “Quick link”

  2. i want to link to a “file://…..” location, I could do it with classic summary links but I cannot in modern… I also want 2 columns and groups of links, why cant I do this in modern?

    1. Hi Jacqui,
      You’d have to ask Microsoft on that one. Last I checked, this capability is not in Modern yet. You could search the SharePoint UserVoice site and see if it’s in there and cast a vote.


  3. How can we get rid of ?web=1 from the URLs? For instance, on a team site, we added a quick link of
    ‘https://[tenant]’ but SharePoint changes the link to ‘https://[tenant]’. We do not want SharePoint to mess with the URL because this is a specific URL structure to return relevant results, not results for ‘partid:?web=1’. Are we not able to use refined search results links as quick links?


    1. Hi Chris, I’ve never tried. Your best bet is to ask this question on the Tech Community forum. That has a much larger viewing audience, I’m sure someone has come across this before.

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