What you need to know about Content Services at SharePoint Conference 2019

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The SharePoint Conference is returning to Las Vegas in May 2019 and I’ll be there ready to talk about Content Services in Office 365! If you’re in the Information Management/Records Management space, work as a Business Analyst, Solution Architect, or IT Administrator in Office 365 or you’re just plain curious about how Content Services fits into the big picture, this session is for you!

Here’s a video describing what my session is all about but if you prefer to read about it instead, skip down to below the video and I cover it in this post…

What’s in it for you? If you’re wondering what is meant by Content Services, this session will describe what it is, why it’s fundamentally different from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and, more importantly, why it’s so important to understand the difference in today’s modern workplace. I’ll talk about the growing volume of structured and unstructured content across all workloads in our environments today and some practical ways to help manage it from end-to-end; not an easy feat by the way.

What tools will you see? I’ll demonstrate/discuss these features and tools:

  • Information architecture components in the modern world, how can they help?
  • Retention and Records Management for content across your Office 365 workloads
  • How Microsoft Flow has a part to play in Content Services
  • How the use of Governance techniques can help with Content Services

What skills will you learn? Since the intent of this best-practice session is to help you gain a fundamental understanding of Content Services, I’ll walk thru some practical examples demonstrating how Office 365 tools can work together under the Content Services umbrella with the hope you’ll be able to relate some of these back to your own workplace scenarios.

Scenario ideas:

  • Team Collaboration content scenario
  • Legal Department Case File scenario
  • Standardized Project Document scenario

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