Speaking at the Ottawa SharePoint User Group

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I’m honored to be asked to speak at the upcoming January meeting for the Ottawa SharePoint User Group on January 29th!

Retention is top of mind for many teams moving to Office 365 right now, and in this session I’ll be speaking about a pragmatic approach to implementing it in your environment.

Session Title: Taking a Crawl, Walk, Run Approach to Office 365 Retention

Synopsis: This session will cover the new retention options in Office 365 including retention labels and retention policies and discuss the “crawl, walk, run” approach for implementing them. We’ll walk thru specific examples of how to do this and what each step means from an administrator, records manager and end-user perspective. Pragmatic discussion of the current gaps will also be addressed. Session is based on experience from a real-world use-case.

I’m so looking forward to this and to having a discussion with Ottawa User Group members about retention in the real-world.

See you soon!

[Update January 29, 2019] Big thanks to the Ottawa SharePoint User Group and Mike Maadarani for inviting me today! I had several attendees personally follow up afterward with very positive feedback – as a presenter, there’s no better feeling! Link to the presentation is below.


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  1. Hi Joanne, Thank for the post. Do you think your slide will be available after the event ? I cannot make it. Thanks

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