Renewal of the Microsoft MVP Award for 2019-20

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I’m jazzed about this. 🙂

While I was away on a (much-needed) vacation, I received the highly-anticipated news of my renewal of the 2019-20 Microsoft MVP Award! I’m so grateful Microsoft feels I’m deserving of this award and I’m appreciative of the many perks it provides… this is something I definitely don’t take for granted! I look forward to continuing my work in the community and sharing my knowledge in the Office Apps & Services category for the upcoming year – it’s going to be a busy and exciting one!

I often get asked by people interested in the MVP program what it takes to get involved. It’s not a certification (common misconception) and although there are many ways of attaining it, my response always centers around knowledge sharing and giving back to the community in your area of expertise. For my award, my contributions have been via blogging, speaking, mentoring, and participation in SharePoint/Office 365 User Groups. (Check out my MVP Profile)

My life is better because of the MVP program having met so many talented, inclusive people from Microsoft as well as many awesome MVPs from all corners of the world, many whom I now call friends.

Special thanks to Microsoft for supporting this program… Betsy Weber (my MVP Community Program Manager), Anna Chu (MVP Lead for Microsoft 365), and Laurie Pottmeyer (MVP Lead for Microsoft Teams and SfB) for all the work you do for the MVP community!

Thank you to everyone for the support you’ve given me. I definitely couldn’t have done this without it.



  1. Well deserved, Joanne! Your insights are numerous, unique and super valuable. Keep up the good work, and let’s continue to collaborate moving forward!

  2. Congrats and glad to see you got renewed. You have been a help to our team here many times over as have many of the other MVP’s. I usually try and pass my knowledge onto those in my company and maybe when I get time I will start blogging about some things as well. Call me inspired….

    1. Thanks Maurice! The SKSPOUG would love to have you speak anytime!! Let me know…

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