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I am an independent consultant in the Microsoft 365 space and have spent the past 5 years working with customers at varying stages of their Microsoft 365 deployment.

Through my experience, I have witnessed some recurring “trouble spots” and, as a result, have identified 6 key areas and an approach for each to mitigate the risk of many of them. To be clear, each organization I work with has unique requirements and considerations to be made, however for the most part the approach taken fits into this framework. A custom engagement would dig into each of the 6 areas and is where the secret sauce comes into play. 🙂

Note: If you reference or use this framework, please give credit to me. Thank you.

To neatly encapsulate the areas into a high-level framework I can share with my customers, I’ve summarized them in this (always up-to-date) Sway (for the best viewing experience, expand the Sway to full-screen):

As I gain more experience in the field, I’ll be incorporating updates into the Sway as required. If you have feedback, I’m open to it!


Would you like to connect with me to ask  a more complex/involved question or consulting engagement? I’d love to support you in anyway I can. I have several services I offer on Microsoft Bookings to suit your needs! (There is a charge for these services)


  1. 100% agree. For the MVP approach you recommend, I was wondering if you meant “hiring a MVP” (meaning YOU), which isn’t a bad idea either. 🙂

  2. Just found this. Very good. The take-away for me is; Level chosen should match your organization’s ability to support the solution. Too many want something magical to fill in the shortfall.

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