My 365EduCon DC 2021 session lineup!

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365EduCon DC (formerly known as SPFest DC) is an in-person educational event coming this December! (Dec 12-16) I’ll be there to talk compliance! Registration is open – why not register today?!

Please use my code, Klein, to receive $100USD off the price of admission!

I’ll be doing a half-day workshop with the one and only Erica Toelle and 3 individual sessions throughout the week – all focused on my favorite topic… compliance. I’m busy prepping my presentations right now and can’t wait to share them with you!

Here’s what the workshop and sessions are all about… check out the link here for the full conference agenda.

Workshop: WRK603 – Office 365 Data Governance Hackathon

When: Monday, December 13 from 1:30-5PM

Workshop facilitators: Erica Toelle and myself

Synopsis: We know that data governance situations are unique for your company and can be complex. Data governance covers a collection of solutions like retention, data loss prevention, classification, records management, eDiscovery and overall reporting for your data. Do you have a data governance scenario you need a plan or answer for? In this workshop, we will build out solutions live using the scenarios you bring to us.

We’ll start the workshop by discussing the data governance features in Microsoft 365. Once we set the framework, we’ll ask you to contribute your scenarios or situations and we’ll work together to build a solution or plan live, during the workshop. This will provide attendees a real-world answer to their data governance question(s). A Data Governance hackathon!

Session: TMA102 – Protecting your Teamwork across Microsoft 365

When: Tuesday, December 14 at 11:20AM

Synopsis: With Modern Team sites and Microsoft Teams being created at a record pace these days, are you concerned how content within them can be secured, protected, retained, and discovered?

Join us in this session to see how Office 365 features can work together to address these requirements so you can breathe a little easier.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand Microsoft’s shared responsibility model for compliance and what this means for you
  • Ways to prevent sensitive information from leaving your organization
  • How to safely collaborate on your Teamwork with external parties
  • How to apply retention across your Teamwork
  • What’s discoverable across your Teamwork for eDiscovery?

Session: OFF201 – Empowering the Business for eDiscovery in Microsoft 365

When: Wednesday, December 15 at 10:30AM

Synopsis: Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) is an important part of data governance in an organization. Whether responding to internal investigations, external litigations, or regulatory requests, the ability for business teams (Legal/Risk/HR) to self-serve their own eDiscovery cases in a timely and secure manner is critical.

Attend this session to learn key things business teams need to understand to manage their own eDiscovery case workload in Microsoft 365 for both Core and Advanced eDiscovery. I’ll discuss data governance practices in an organization and their impact on eDiscovery results.

Session: ADM301 – Communication Compliance in Microsoft 365 | Walk-thru and Guidance

When: Thursday, December 16 at 9:00AM

Synopsis: Communication Compliance is part of the Insider Risk solution set in Microsoft 365. Its purpose is to monitor communication methods used both within and outside of the Microsoft 365 cloud to help identify insider non-compliant and risky communication. In the modern workplace today, communication methods are vast and varied and all can be a potential channel for non-compliance. The Communication Compliance tool has been purpose-built to help identify potential areas of non-compliance across these communication methods and remediation actions that can be taken depending on the severity of the activity.

To demonstrate this capability, Joanne Klein will walk through some examples of using both built-in and customized templates to monitor end-user communication methods found in a typical modern workplace. Like most tools in the Compliance space, it’s always about more than technology alone, so Joanne will also cover some things you may want to have in place in your organization before implementing this tool.

I hope to see you in DC in December!! Don’t be shy… say hi!! 🙂


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