Sensitivity Labels ‘Learn More’: A way to inform Business Workers in-the-moment

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If you’ve deployed sensitivity labels in your tenant, a simple configuration option you should be leveraging to provide help to a business worker from within Office applications is the Learn More option. What I love most about this is how it helps a business worker in-the-moment while they’re in the Office tools editing a document (and potentially deciding which sensitivity label to apply).

Part of my governance guidance included in My Microsoft 365 Engagement Framework © for organizations is to always house governance documentation in the form of modern pages on a Governance SharePoint Communication site. This technique has many benefits, however the primary benefit is providing the flexibility to tag modern pages with the numerous types of governance you may store in the site allowing you to display the pages in dynamic ways. (Retention Governance, Security Governance, Solution Governance, Container Governance, etc.)

Note: I’ve previously blogged about how to configure this for classic AIP labels: AIP Client: Tell me more!

With Sensitivity labels, Microsoft has improved the end-user experience with the placement of the Learn More link being more visible from within Office applications.

If you’ve implemented sensitivity labels, an important governance page to include is one dedicated to the data classification scheme you’ve deployed in your environment as the classification scheme directly relates to the sensitivity labels published to business workers.

Example: On the governance page, you could show the classification scheme, explain what the labels mean, what controls are implemented for each, and provide relevant examples. Like the modern page image below suggests, you may want to even include a video of how to apply them and some tips for your end-users on proper handling controls when working (particularly with sensitive data).

The goal? Business workers need to understand why they’re being asked to apply a sensitivity label, how to do it, and what behavior they can expect once applied. We need to make this easy to understand to minimize the impact to the business worker’s workflow.

It’s striking that balance between data security and enabling usability.

Where do you configure the ‘Learn More’ option?

From the Compliance Center, when publishing sensitivity labels in a policy, the below options are presented to you as part of Policy settings and the option highlighted with the yellow arrow allows for a custom help page to be specified. This is where you would provide your own organization’s governance information around the data classification scheme you’ve implemented.

What does the end-user see?

End-users will see the prompt for this Learn More page under the Sensitivity label in the following locations. When clicked, it will take them directly to the custom help page URL specified above:

Office 365 Business Apps

Office Online Apps


Note: As of the time of this writing (September 2020), I cannot see the Learn More link in the iOS Mobile app. Hopefully this will come!

Work with your information management and data security teams to build out the information to be communicated on the Learn More page.

A simple yet effective configuration option.

Thanks for reading.


Credit: Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels


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