Principles of Retention | A Fun Compliance Challenge

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If you’re responsible for the design and implementation of Information Governance and Records Management in an organization, it’s crucial to have an authoritative understanding of the Principles of Retention in Microsoft 365.

Knowing these principles will have a significant impact on the design you come up with and will ensure the right set of controls are in place to enable an organization to be compliant. This includes deleting content when it’s no longer needed nor providing business value while, at the same time, retaining the high-value business content to meet the recordkeeping obligations an organization has for legal, business, and/or regulatory reasons.

A practical way to demonstrate the principles is thru real world scenarios. I’ve come up with 6 of them I’ll share over the course of the next few weeks asking you to tell me the expected results and which “principle” is in effect. I’ll summarize the findings once all 6 scenarios have been shared and results are in! 🙂

Note: This is an anonymous survey.

Here are the direct links to the 6 scenarios: (if you haven’t answered yet, please take a minute and fill out the form – the more results, the better!)

Check back here later to view the results!


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