Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference Spring 2021 – See you there?!

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I’m thrilled to be speaking at the Microsoft 365 Collaboration Spring Conference from June 8-10! This will be a fantastic hybrid in-person/virtual conference covering not only SharePoint, but many other services and features across the Microsoft 365 platform!

Use this link to register with the embedded code of KLEIN to save during registration!

I’m fired up and ready to go for my 2 sessions at the conference! I’m a SharePoint gal from a ways back and have a current focus on Advanced Compliance in Microsoft 365 so I’m thrilled to be able to combine these 2 areas in both of my sessions! Please join in the fun – I assure you it won’t be boring! 🙂

Below are my session details…

My Sessions

Session 1 title: A Walk-thru of Event-based Retention in Microsoft 365

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 9 12PM-1PM ET

Synopsis: Records Management and the retention schedule they’re part of are an important part of an organization’s information governance strategy. The retention schedule is an established protocol for retaining information based on business, regulatory, legislative, legal, and historical needs of the organization. An important part of a retention schedule is understanding when a record’s retention period should begin.

A common trigger point for starting retention is an event… an employee leaving, a project ending, a legal matter resolving, or a fiscal year ending are all common examples. To demonstrate this capability in Microsoft 365, I’ll showcase a common use-case for event-based retention… starting retention at the end of a fiscal year. I’ll walk thru the steps required to do this from start to finish!

Like most features in the Compliance space, it’s about more than technology alone, so I’ll also cover some things you may want to have in place before implementing event-based retention in your own environment.

Session 2 title: SharePoint Syntex | An AI Model Walk-thru

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 9  2:15-3:15PM ET

Synopsis: SharePoint Syntex is the first project released out of Project Cortex and is a significant step forward in providing the ability to intelligently identify content across your Microsoft 365 environment. Unstructured content is being produced at an exponential rate in our modern workplaces today and we need a way to manage it at scale by providing structure (content types and metadata) and governance (security and compliance controls) to it.

To demonstrate this new capability, I’ll walk thru a practical example of using a SharePoint Syntex AI document understanding model to intelligently identify Statements of Work across SharePoint libraries. The walkthrough will cover setup, training, and deployment.

SharePoint Syntex. It’s almost magic.

I hope to see you there!


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